Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery: The Reason Behind Beauty

The overwhelming increase of women who seeks plastic surgery suggests that the demand of looking and feeling beautiful is getting higher and higher. In 2014, there were over 20 million cosmetic procedures that were performed globally, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Also, the countries that have performed most cosmetic surgical and non-invasive procedures were the United States of America with 20.1 percent, followed by Brazil (10.2), Japan (6.2), and South Korea (4.8), respectively.

The mark of cosmetic surgery shows the new psyche of becoming beautiful in some women’s vocabulary. Although, being beautiful is one of the many reasons why women engage in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, there are still several other reasons why some of them choose such transformational surgery.

  • Eliminate excess fat

One of the most obvious reasons why women engage in cosmetic surgery is the advantage of liposuction and abdominoplasty or removal of excess fat. Since the emergence of plastic and reconstructive surgery, several overweight people have found a solution to losing their weight quickly with liposuction. Then, after liposuction, the surgeon will start to remove the excess sagging skin with abdominoplasty. The two procedures will contour the body, according to the patient’s desire.

  • New face, new life

While some wanted to undergo plastic surgery due to selfish and vain reason, there are several men and women who have been bullied due to their looks and figure. According to a 2016 study in the UK, about 11.5 percent of teenagers and children who have been bullied have extremely accepted the knowledge of undergoing plastic surgery compared to the 3.4 percent of an adolescent who has not been bullied.

To gain confidence, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has been their ticket to a new life.

  • Want to fit into a group

Everyone wants to fit in; sadly some people undergo cosmetic surgery just because of this reason. Although, the concept of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is to make a person attractive and increase self-confidence, the problem with the latter, some of the patients found no satisfaction in one or two surgical procedures. For instance, Michael Jackson is found to have “body dysphormic disorder”; although there are arguments about the true condition of the King of Pop’s skin condition, several believed that he had bleached his skin aside from the nose and facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in order to please his audience and eliminate racial discrimination.

  • Correct genetic deformities

Plastic surgery is one big help to people who are genetically different from a normal person (physically). Reconstructive surgery can restore not only the normal feature of the person but also can restore the functioning of the affected area. For instance, people who were genetically born with distorted face affecting the nose, mouth, and the eyes, can be corrected through reconstructive surgery that is in the hands of skilled surgeons, for instance, the plastic surgery Tampa offers quality health care service to all its patients.

The miracles of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can happen to anyone. It does not only restore or improve the feature of a person but also boosts their self-confidence in facing the society.


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