Learning the Natural Ways to Improve Your Breasts from Dr Fedele of Ceveland

A beautiful set of proudly standing and proportionate breasts is every woman in this age is hoping for. Although there are a few women that will say that breast sizes are not a big deal for them but in their subconscious aspirations, it is saying otherwise. A not so lucky woman would feel that there is something lacking with their small lemons. A most treasured chest that is bursting with a pair of a huge breast is what the woman desires to have. Dr Fedele of Cleveland can help you with your breast size and shape problems.

About 80% of men worldwide, according to study, are actually fixated with breasts and according to them, it is definitely a big deal. In fact, more men are looking at women’s breasts more rather than their faces. Men love women having a huge pair of boobies and women that are naturally endowed get a sense of confidence in owning a huge pair of perfect ones. If a beautiful woman has a nice set of hooters, for sure men will do something to be noticed and be closer to you like flies being attracted to a golden poop and they will be very gentlemanly to pull a chair for you and offer you a drink or two just to start with a nice conversation with you. Your man will cease gazing around for other woman’s set of jugs because you already have the one among the best on the lady in front of you.

To make those boobies firm and big, there are certain exercises that you can do. The following are some of those that can definitely do wonders on your hidden assets. It is important to follow them by heart so that the exercise will work on you. For sure you will notice the improvement in a month or so.

You can press your palms together in front of your breast. Hold it for about five seconds and then repeat it again 10 times.

You can also use the pulling exercise; hold your forearms at the level of the shoulder and then pull your arms apart without letting it go. You must be able to feel your breasts lift while doing this. Do these 10 times as you go on to the next step.

Using the curling technique, curl your fingers at the shoulder level and lock them. Try to pull them apart without letting them go. Repeat for 10 times. Eating the right and the correct type of food especially those that contain phytoestrogens like oats, soya beans, lentils, and so on can actually increase the firmness of your two lumps. You must eat healthy fats coming from seeds, nuts, and olive oil since they can make your breasts look healthy. You must eat foods like lean meat, fruits, veggies, and fish that can enhance the suppleness not to mention the elasticity of your breasts.

Avail of Dr Fedele’s breast augmentation Cleveland Ohio expertise if the above exercises and practices do not work for you so you can achieve your ideal breast dreams.


Tummy Tuck Is a Permanent Solution for Waist Reduction

The tummy tuck procedure is made by surgically tightening up the abdominal muscles in order to trim down the waistline. You are actually tucking in those unsightly body layers that are underneath your skin, much like how people fold clothes. It is actually more complicated than that but this example is enough to provide you with a great idea.


During the procedure of a tummy tuck, the cosmetic surgeon makes two incisions. The first along the hip bone around the public area and the other at the belly button so that it can be attached at a new position later on. The skin is then segregated from the torso to reveal the muscle below it. This is where the central activity of the tummy tuck revolves. These exposed muscles are what the surgeon will bind and stick into a reshaped and tighter waistline. By doing so, stitching it in place tightens up the muscle and creates a new definition in the lower abdomen part once it is formed. This results into a significantly smaller waistline.


This procedure of the tummy tuck and its detailed description will not sound pleasant for most patients, but it is important to learn what is happening to their body so that they can easily recover accordingly. Understanding the entire procedure give the patient ample knowledge so that they will know what to do during recovery and a shorter recovery time can be experienced.

A tummy tuck is a way of restoring the figure, most often than not, to a woman’s pre-child bearing state. Most of the tummy tuck patients are women whose abs loses their elasticity because of childbirth. The muscles often cannot regain their original structure which is the reason why even simple exercise and dieting may help but will not ultimately work.


In this society, today, where overweight people and out of shape persons do not have the same opportunities as slender people, this tummy tuck procedure along with other alternative methods of weight reduction, offers a positive solution to this fat-discriminating society that this world has right now.


The same as face lifts, nose jobs, and other cosmetic procedures, tummy tucks are effective ways in bringing about the best physical feature that an individual can have to attain a good body. Tummy tucks are a more permanent solution to shrink the waistline. But bearing another child may resulting in the stoppage of the effects of the previous tummy tuck, at least you can still begin with a new slate and perhaps you will not return to the waste that you had during your pre tummy tuck years.